Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jenn and Justin's Engagement Photo Session

We braved the cold and wind this afternoon to shoot Jenn and Justin's Engagement Photos. These guys were great, real troopers. We started off in Girard Park (Where Justin proposed!) and made our way to the downtown area. We did a little walking, mostly driving to avoid the cold wind. We happened upon a little resturaunt along the way. The people were working in the resturaunt getting ready to open. I asked if we could borrow a table and they said for us to make ourselves at home. So, we did. Lighting was great with a slightly overcast sky. I hope Jenn and Justin enjoyed themselves as much as I enjoyed shooting them. Thanks for looking....Chris


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Broke out the new Lensbaby for a couple shots.

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  1. These are alot like mine you went to the same places you saw mine? how bout u go and rag on them for me some advice!!!! Mr Genuis !