Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is this thing on....tock tock tock

Hey there everyone! Just wanted to start the motor and warm it up over here. Ya know, wipe the dust off of the blog a little.
No, still not going to blog much, but, just wanted to see if this thing still works. :-)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!....Chris

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Blog up!

Hello All!! It's been so long since I typed here! Well, I've changed addresses for the blog.
Check out the new one over at http://justsaycheesy.brewyetphoto.com/
You can subscribe to it just the same. I'll prolly delete this one. So, it's Bye Bye to the old one, and Hey Howdy Do to the new!

See ya on the other side! Thanks....Chris

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog No More....(for a while anyway.)

Hello Blog world, I haven't been here in a while. Tween work (job #1), photography (job #2), and family....I have had NO spare time. I actually got to spend 10 min playing my guitar last night. Wow, that was a treat.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, (well, kinda...well, it's more like whining... (-:). No really, on a serious note, to be this busy with jobs, in this economy is a blessing! I've been shooting brides, seniors, dancers, and families every weekend and sometimes a couple times during the week, since Feb 27th.....and this will continue till the end of June. :-) The thing is, I still enjoy it.


I've been posting some images on Face Book from each shoot. So, I'm going to quit posting them on the blog for now. Sniff Sniff.....I'm going to miss you blog site.... But, I'll be back. Maybe when I get a little more free time.

(blog rule #23 subpart a.2.e subsection 4.1.1, "Blogging For Dummies" - always end the blog post with a whitty or creative statement. This will hook the reader into anticipation of your next post....)

Wise sayin time: I always say, "To do MORE of something, you have to do LESS of something else". So, I'm going to do less blogging for now. See ya later!....Chris

Monday, March 29, 2010

A blogpost about ME?? How Cool!!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share this with yall. I photographed a wedding in Jan in Church Pointe for a wonderful couple, Claire and Greg. I was privileged to get to meet some of their family members. Well, Claire's sister has a blog. She recently contacted me to get permission to use some of my photos on her blog. Then she asked if she could write a blog post about me! I was like, ME?? Why?? I went to her blog site and started reading. I've never seen the likes of it.

Her blog was corny, cheesy, silly, crazy, etc....

I LOVED it!!

Oh, how the corn floweth! I wish I could pull corn off of the stalk like this gal. I am in cheesy awe! (not to be mistaken by Cheesy Grits!)


Check out the rest of her blog too, there are some good reads on there!

Thanks "Cotton Blossom" (that's her "blog name") for the post. It was an honor to be published in such a fine example of internet publication. Pass the Cheese.....

(I need a blog name....)

Have a GREAT DAY and Week!!....Chris

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sierra and Mike

Hey, I'm trying out a new way to get photos to the blog. I hope this works! Here are some photos of Sierra and Mike. We shot around the UL Quad area. It was a good time! We saw Squirrels, Fish, Birds, and other wildlife. Here's a couple of photos of their session. I can't wait for the wedding! Thanks....Chris

I don't thing Reggie Bush looks anything like these guys!?








Monday, March 1, 2010

Rachelle and Gene's Engagement Photos

Rachelle and Gene. These guys have been together for a long time. What a cool couple! We had a great time shooting downtown. The weather was great! (for a change) It was great to see the sun come out and warm our skin. We watched the youngsters hang out by the 9/11 memorial and street dance. Gene really wanted to join them but he was too tired. Anyway, here are a couple shots from their shoot.

Aww Sha, what a cute couple! You guys did great. Can't wait for the wedding. I hope you guys had fun. Thanks....Chris
Once again, special thanks to Tim. The guy can hold a light like no other! Technical note: We tried out my new Lastolite EZ Hotshoe Softbox (24"x24"). Used it eTTL with an infrared transmitter. I'm in love. It produces a nice even soft light. So portable, so nice, so in love.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ashley and Brian

Ashley and Brian got married last year. I had a great time shooting these guys, they were a ton of fun. Last week, Ashley and I were discussing her wedding album design, and she told me that Brian was leaving to go overseas soon. He is in the Army. So, I asked her if they wanted to do a shoot before he left. We met for a quick session at the park. I was honored to do it. Brian is going to be leaving for over a year. These guys are making a huge sacrifice for our country. Without service men like Brian, we'd all be in trouble. Here are a few shots of them. Thank you guys for your sacrifice, and thank you Brian for your service. Thanks...Chris

Again, thanks for doing what you do! I wish you a quick and safe return home!! I hope these photos help you out while you're away.