Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jennifer and Justin's Wedding

What a beautiful day to get married! What a great couple! Here are a few moments from Jennifer and Justin's wedding. It was really great to get to know you guys!

What a fine bunch of dudes.

They had a police escort to the reception. That was cool. (we got to run redlights..hehe)
Apple bottom with furrr..........
Do the Stanky Leg.....Do the Stanky Leg.......
(those songs never get old! LOL!)
Yep, Daddy's Broke!!

Please visit the website to see the rest of the wedding. Family and friends can purchase wedding photos directly from the website. Thanks!!.....Chris


  1. These are great! Most of them appear to be shot using ambient light that correct? I love the feel of them.

  2. Hey Lisa, most of em had on camera bounced flash. It's an ancient chinese secret, that's all I can tell you. LOL....Chris