Monday, July 27, 2009

Lacey and Brandon's Wedding

Lacey and Brandon got married last weekend. It started out as a HOT, but beautiful day. Did I mention that it was HOT!! No suit and tie for me that day. It was dress casual all the way. The wedding went off without a hitch. (lol...hitch..get it, wedding humor......OK, that was corny...) Anyway, here are a few photos from their day.
The Church

There was an abundance of cute and handsome kids there. I caught a couple of em.

This is a rare shot for a Catholic ceremony. The priest gave me special permission to get back there through the back doors.

Here's one from their formals.
First Dance.
It's a good thing that they brought their boots.....

....Because it rained cats and dogs through the entire reception.

A couple of the ring shots.

Cutting the cake.

What a cake it was! One of the coolest I've seen.

Brandon's cake was even "cooler"...(get it, ...cooler... more corny wedding humor.)
The happy couple leaving. The rain quit just in time too.
Brandon and Lacey, I hope you enjoyed my photography as much as I enjoyed working with you guys. It really was a pleasure. Thanks!....Chris

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  1. I'm definitely loving that cake!!!
    Looking at all these pictures are getting me so pumped up about next summer. Too bad it's such a long time away. I know I'm going to LOVE you as my photographer. Every picture is taken such great care. Can't wait, Chris!