Friday, October 16, 2009

Beth and Carl's Wedding

Well, Mrs Beth finally married Carl. They had a great wedding with lots of friends and family there at the reception. They made up their own vows to each other...they were great. There were few dry eyes in the room. Here's a few photos of their day.
First Dance. She said he was singing to her....

The girls getting ready.
Beth ate a "Lunch of Champions"!!

Beautiful Dress!!
Ma, dem boys was silly silly!
I wonder if Carl likes LSU??

Dad looking on, just before he gives his little girl away.

Da Man.
....emotion... it was great.

Waiting for the wedding party.
He got his "Christmas Goose" early!!
You have to go to the website to see Beth and Carl's cake smash. They don't get much better...
Go Girl!!
If I have to explain, you might not need to know....
Now, dat's sexy yea!!

So happy!! (...and loaded!!)

Carl had one of the coolest rings!! Titanium and Carbon Fiber....I like it!!

Thanks guys! It was an honor to be allowed to photograph you guys and get to know you. Thanks!!.....Chris

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