Thursday, February 11, 2010

Amanda's Bridal Shoot

We shot Amanda's Bridals at Jungle Gardens on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It is so hard to get Amanda to smile! Yea right! It was all I could do to get a "serious" look from her. What a fun time. Her mom, dad, mother in law, aunt, and others came along. What a crew! My face was hurting from laughing! I almost had to put Mrs Alice in time out...she kept making funny faces at Amanda. Oh!, this dress is hand made! Aunt Alice and Mom (and I'm sure others helped) made this beauty from scratch. WOW! It was stunning.
Here's dad and Amanda in her antique chair.

Part of the crew...
Oh my goodness, those shoes were Way Cool!!

Work itttt!!!

What a shoot! You did amazing! I hope you enjoyed the shoot as much as we did. Thanks!.....Chris

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