Monday, March 1, 2010

Rachelle and Gene's Engagement Photos

Rachelle and Gene. These guys have been together for a long time. What a cool couple! We had a great time shooting downtown. The weather was great! (for a change) It was great to see the sun come out and warm our skin. We watched the youngsters hang out by the 9/11 memorial and street dance. Gene really wanted to join them but he was too tired. Anyway, here are a couple shots from their shoot.

Aww Sha, what a cute couple! You guys did great. Can't wait for the wedding. I hope you guys had fun. Thanks....Chris
Once again, special thanks to Tim. The guy can hold a light like no other! Technical note: We tried out my new Lastolite EZ Hotshoe Softbox (24"x24"). Used it eTTL with an infrared transmitter. I'm in love. It produces a nice even soft light. So portable, so nice, so in love.

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