Monday, March 23, 2009

Free Photo Tips Friday....I mean Monday 3-23-09

Hello to All! Photo Tips Friday didn't happen. I was super busy this weekend meeting new clients, shooting a bridal session, talking about breasts and more! Wait, hold on a minute, did I just say what you thought I said....yes. We attended the Race for the Cure event here in downtown Lafayette. They raise money for breast cancer research. They had around 9000 runners!! I'll post some pictures later on this week.

Anyway, this weeks photo tips topics were generated by a reader's questions. I'll take some of his questions and try to answer them. They are mostly focused (pun (yes, that was pure corn.) on new photographers getting into photography on the cheap. So here goes!

Topic #1: Taking good pictures on a budget.

Well, here's a few questions that need to be answered: define "good", how large is this "budget" you are speaking of, and what is the purpose of the photos? Oh, one more question, are most of the photo's going to be taken inside or outside?

If the purpose of the pictures is just to have something to share with family, keep on the computer, maybe print out some 5x7's, etc.... than most point and shoot camera's will do a great job. If you want magizine quality photos, start shelling out the $$$. I like Canon, so, my point and shoot is a G10, it was around $400.00. It takes really good pictures for a little point and shoot camera. For a little less you can get a Canon SX110. Both of these are "good" camera's. If your budget is more like $2000.00. You can get a Canon 50D with an 18-200IS lens. Or if you have $5000.00 you can get the Big Daddy Especiale Canon 5d MkII with a 70-200L f2.8IS. But, that's getting off track. Here's the bottom line, to get professional quality pictures it cost's big bucks. It's not to say that you can't get lucky! One of my all time favorite photo's, that I have captured, happend with a little Canon 20d and a cheap Tamron lens (the whole rig was over $1200.00 almost 4 years ago, that same rig now cost around $400.00 used). It was the product of good timing. The sunset was beautiful and the light was amazing! I had this printed as a 24x30 and it looks amazing. It hangs on the wall of my bathroom today.

But, to consistantly get GREAT shots under any circumstances, it takes a great camera. Shop on ebay, buy used if you have to. An old 20d or 30d will still get some great shots under controlled lighting and with a good lens.

Here's a way to get better photo's with what ever camera you happen to have handy. Learn how to use it. Read the manual. Learn what Apperature and ISO and Shutter Speed do for you. If you leave the camera on the Green "Auto" setting, you are going to get photos that reflect that. Some of the time, Auto will get you a good picture. But, camera's can be fooled easily. So you have to know how to override the camera's settings to get the shot that you want.

I'll cover some more topics later on in the week when I have time. As always, please leave comments and get more people to sign up. If you have any questions or ideas for topics, email them to me. Thanks....Chris


  1. I saw you at the Musumeche wedding and Lynn alerted me to this blog. I just got a Nikon D60 for Christmas and am learning how to use it. Thanks for the blog. I think a great topic would be on lenses and how to get great shots in awkward lighting without using the flash.

  2. Hello. Conrats on you new camera!(even if it's a.....Nikon....) JUST KIDDIN! I know plenty of second rate photographers who shoot Nikon. JUST KIDDING AGAIN!!! Thanks for the topic! I'll do it. Be sure to subscribe so you can be alerted to post's automatically, OH, and tell all your friends to do the same. :-) Thanks....Chris