Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiffany's Bridals 3/21/09

Well Saturday rolled around and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The temp was perfect! What a beautiful day to shoot a bridal session. I had Brannon with me as my P.R.O. (Portable Reflector Operator) We showed up at Tiffany's uncle's house for the first half of the shoot. She had her 4 yr old son with her. What a cute little feller! He was dressed up like a GQ model with his tie and slacks. What a handfull!! There is no mistaking that he is ALL boy Like Tiffany, her boy is much more comfortable in blue jeans, t-shirt, and barefooted than being all dressed up. Here's some shots out in back by their barn:

After the barn, in true Lousiana fasion, she broke out the guns.......

Now here's the sad part, see Tiffany's aunt passed away out here a while back. So, she wanted to do a special photo of her remembering her aunt. There is a plaque hanging on the tree for her aunt.
Then we moved on to the UL Alumni Center. The light just kept on getting better.
We had a great time. I hope Tiffany and her family had as much fun as I did on this shoot. Thanks...Chris
See the entire gallery HERE.

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