Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Race For The Cure 2009

Race for the Cure 2009. Downtown Lafayette -3/21/09 - Around 9000 people showed up - with one support breasts. (kinda like a bra...) Ok, sorry for the cheesyness, but, you are reading my blog. Go figure. Anyway, they were rasing money to support breast cancer research. There were more people downtown that day than I have ever seen. I shot some pictures of the events.

Ready, set, go....
And they're off!!
Looks like someone tripped!!
Ohhh, this must have hurt!

There were plenty of funny shirts around. I tried to capture some of them.

Some intense runners!

I gotta get me a hard hat like this for when I go offshore!

The winner! He finished 3 miles in around 16 minutes......ughm, wow.

Team Oaisis Dance Studio.

A real life mime...

Yea, the finish!

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  1. hahah them people fell at the start !! how embarrasssing !! hahaha thats horrible !! and brad all into it ! funny pic, i was sopose to be runnin in that but i never woke up ! yea some good patron i am ! lol