Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lauren and Chase: Forever...

It was a beautiful Friday afternnoon to get married. Lauren and Chase would soon be together, Forever. These two are so in love. They are great people as well. I feel blessed just to know them and just wanted to share a couple of pics from their wedding day. The reception was held at The Manor near New Iberia. (They have such a great facility there!!)

Rice Crispy 4-Wheeler cake. (They didn't even cut it. Lauren said it was too pretty!)

Mom, helping out.

What a beautiful dress. She wore it well!
The Church.
Dad and daughter. What a grand entrance!

What a HUGE wedding party!

There were few dry eyes during the first dances. (Including mine...)

Her cake.
Lauren, Chase, and Family: I just wanted to say how great it was to get to know you guys a bit. The rest of the wedding photos should be ready soon. I'll send out an email when they are finished. I'll post a link to them on the blog as well as on the website:

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