Friday, April 10, 2009

Motions Dance Studio Pictures

Wow! What a week! I traveled to Motions Dance Studio in Cottonport LA for 3 evenings of shooting dancers. It was a fun week (and tiring!). When I got there, I didn't know Fondeau from Tendu and a Tutu from a Petiskirt. By the third day, I was actually helping pose the students! I even tried out my dance wasn't very sucessful. I'll stick to photography. :-) Anyway, here are a couple of them to share. This is my first time embedding a slideshow into the blog, so let me know how ya like it.
Tricia, thanks for allowing me to photograph your students, it was such a pleasure!....who am I kiddin...that was a BUNCH of work!! Up-shoot-down-shoot-kneel-shoot-lay on belly-shoot-move to the right-shoot-up-shoot-repeat over and over........And I still have like 1500 photos to cull and edit!! But, really, it was fun. Thanks....Chris


  1. Nice shots Chris, that is a serious white background. did you set that up or was it there in the dance studio? Love the outdoor shots of the dancers in action.

  2. Hey Tom, Thanks! We set up the backdrop. We used 2-9'x20' pure white muslins hung up sideways. We used two because the wall was blue with mirrors on it. You could see through it with one. She had a roll of seamless paper for the floor. Next year, I'm gonna get 2 more lights for that background. I'll flag em with foam core so I can really light up that thing! Well, there goes all my profit...
    Anyway, yea those dancers were crazy good at that dancing stuff. It was alot of fun.