Monday, May 18, 2009

Esther and Isaac's Wedding!

Congratulations to Esther and Isaac! They got married this weekend. It was hot and humid, rain was looming on the horizon...but, that wouldn't stop these two lovebirds! What a great celebration. It was an honor and privilege to be allowed to photograph these guys. Here are a few snippets from the wedding day....

It's all about the shoes...

...and the dress!

Her man was anxiously waiting... was she.

Proud parents!

This is really funny if you know the whole story!
We shot their engagements at their house. It is a "work in progress". So, I made em a little collage to remember it by.

Time to boogie! Some like to boogie a little...

...some like to boogie alot!

I think this is the "I ate too much dance".
Little did they know what was waiting for them...

Like a flash!...out came the sneak attack! Great Idea!!

Even the photographer was not safe!
Hope you guys enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them!.....Chris

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