Monday, September 21, 2009

Heather's Bridal Shoot

Day of Bridal Shoot.....4:45pm.....driving to Jungle Gardens......very cloudy......rain on the horizon.......cell phone rings.......Heather calls me up with a cheery, happy voice, "It's pouring down rain, what are we going to do". I was expecting a sad dissapointed voice, not Heather! She was just as happy as can be. We waited around the gift shop for a little while hoping it would clear up.....and it did! It was absolutely beautiful. The rain had cooled down the temps a bit. So, off we went to shoot Heather.
Something cracked her up. (it didn't take much...such a happy girl!)

As usual, out at Jungle Gardens, we always have our large lizzard friends! They are such cuties....

It's not often I get to shoot in front of this tree. But, the cloud cover was just perfect so we were able to get it.

Here's a photo showing Logan. He's my professional lighting assistant and my oldest son. He helps out on Bridal Shoots. (By the way, he does accept tips....for any future brides that may read this....LOL) He's my pack mule and wireless remote control for the lights. It's really awesome to be able to work with him. He's becoming quite the young man, and he's a huge help.

The wedding went GREAT!!! The photos should be up in the next few days. Thanks for looking!....Chris

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