Monday, March 29, 2010

A blogpost about ME?? How Cool!!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share this with yall. I photographed a wedding in Jan in Church Pointe for a wonderful couple, Claire and Greg. I was privileged to get to meet some of their family members. Well, Claire's sister has a blog. She recently contacted me to get permission to use some of my photos on her blog. Then she asked if she could write a blog post about me! I was like, ME?? Why?? I went to her blog site and started reading. I've never seen the likes of it.

Her blog was corny, cheesy, silly, crazy, etc....

I LOVED it!!

Oh, how the corn floweth! I wish I could pull corn off of the stalk like this gal. I am in cheesy awe! (not to be mistaken by Cheesy Grits!)


Check out the rest of her blog too, there are some good reads on there!

Thanks "Cotton Blossom" (that's her "blog name") for the post. It was an honor to be published in such a fine example of internet publication. Pass the Cheese.....

(I need a blog name....)

Have a GREAT DAY and Week!!....Chris


  1. A blog post about me, writing about you, in a blog post...That is cool!

    OK, I really need to learn how to do the link thing...mine didn't turn out that way. Sometimes, I do change the font color though, and then laugh at the suckers that try to click times.

    Blog titles...ughh, one visit to my site and your sure to catch that disease, sorry 'bout that.

    Howabout... A Shot in the Dark?

    No? Ah well, it was just a shot.

  2. That Cotton, she's a stitch alright...has she rapped for you yet?

    How about "Cheese, Please"...

    And in case you're wondering it's the same Cotton who's invited us all to crash your blog, and said it would be okay with you that we take to commenting relentlessly. Unless one of the kids throws up and then we gotta go....almost as fun as linking.

    Love, love, love, your work, velly nais tu mit yew. Work in Texas, much? Ever?

    Cotton's friend Cottage Child

  3. My blog now has a name! Just Say Cheesy
    Cotton, inspired me to blog more. So, more posts will follow.
    Cottage, good to meet ya too. No, don't work in Texas much. But, for the right amount of greenbacks....I'll travel anywhere. :-)